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Now Available Sublingual Immunotherapy.  Needleless Allergy Treatments (allergy shots with out a shot)





Food Allergy Treatment is Now Possible

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Food Allergy:

Comprehensive Food Allergy Clinic

Food Allergy Specialty Clinic

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39525 W. 14 Mile Road, Novi, MI 48377
Suite 101.

·         Moving date August 5th 2016

·         5 times as many parking spaces.

·         Twice the office space.

3.6 miles from our old office

Board Certified Allergist and Immunologist Specialist


Welcome to the Allergy & Asthma Institute of South East Michigan

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We specialize in treating Adults, Children and Infants

We are located in West Bloomfield Michigan


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Comprehensive Food Allergy Clinic of Michigan




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Oral Immunotherapy (Oral Desensitization)
- Treament for food allergies (Peanut, Tree Nut, Milk, Egg, Wheat, Soy and others)



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We Treat All Allergic Disorders


We are located in West Bloomfield Michigan, near Novi, Commerce township and Farmington.  Patients also come from Milford, Highland, White Lake and much of Oakland County. Our patients live mostly in South East Michigan. Our food allergy patients come as far away as South Dakota.


We Treat:
Allergies, Post nasal drip, dog and cat allergies, Seasonal allergies, Latex allergies
Eczema / Atopic dermatitis 
Asthma, Exercise induced asthma, Vocal cord dysfunction, Allergic Asthma, Wheezing
Allergic Skin allergies, Contact dermatitis, Hives, Angioedema, Skin Swelling, Itching, Poison Ivy and oak
Food allergies
Eosinophilic esophogitis, EoE

We perform allergy testing, atopic patch testing, patch testing, spirometry / lung function testing.